Ozzie Vs. Chelsea - Round 1

DISCLAIMER: Please don't call the authorities! What you are seeing are some hilariously disturbing photos taken of two of our high-octane friends, Ozzie the Poodle and Chelsea the Vizsla during a "puppy playdate" last week. Despite the appearance of mayhem and carnage, this was all in the spirit of crazy Poodle/Vizsla fun, and neither dog was hurt in any way! We just thought that regardless of their sometimes frightening appearance, some of these fast-moving action shots were just so funny we HAD to post them. In the end, both Ozzie and Chelsea were happy and very, very tired! Enjoy!

Ozzie likes to play fetch

Ozzie likes to play fetch and we love it when he comes leaping back! What a cutie!

Ozzie hates/likes Dancing?

We're not sure, but every single time we start dancing around Ozzie, he feels the need to join in..maybe he wants to dance, or maybe he wants us to stop because we look so stupid!